Custom CNC machined after market components for the Lexus range including IS200, IS300, Altezza, Sportscross, Ls400 and JZX models.

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Rigid Bars

2 per setDirect replacement for rear subframe oem flex barsEliminates rear wheel hopEliminates subfr..


Solid Diff Bushings

2 per setDirect oem replacement for rubber bushingsEliminates wheel hop Eliminates movement of diff ..


Solid Subframe Bushings

8 per setDirect oem replacement for rubber bushingsEliminates movement of rear subframeCreates solid..


V8 Caliper Adaptors

4 per setBig break conversionOff-centre threaded studsAllows larger 4 pot calipers to be fitted to o..


Extra Lock Kit with Negative Camber Offset

2 per setIncrease steering angle by 10°Gives 4 degrees negative camber with an offset bolt positionR..


Roll Centre Adjusters (RCA)

2 per setRoll centre adjustment of 17mmCorrects steering geometry for cars with lowered suspensionEl..


Rack Spacers

2 per setWasher type productSimply installed between the inner track rod end and the steering rackCr..


Custom Gearbox Mount

For use with shorter 4cyl or 8cyl engine conversions Allows original gearbox to be fitted in a new p..


UZ-FE / J160 Transmission Adaptor Kit

For use with all uz-fe V8 engine conversionsAllows use of original IS200/Altezza J160 gearboxEnables..


Hydraulic Handbreak Mounting Bracket

Hydraulic handbreak mounting bracket for is200, is300 and altezza, saloon and sportscross CNC m..


Negative Camber Knuckles

Negative camber knuckles● simple bolt on modification● CNC machined● Made from high grade alumini..